Top 5 Meeting Planner Challenges and 1 Simple Solution

The top 5 meeting planner challenges were revealed in a survey from Teneo Hospitality Group. We’ve been hearing the same concerns from our clients and event professionals who are contacting us to explore ship venues. Read on to learn more about the simple solution to face your planning planner challenges head-on!

Top 5 Meeting Planner Challenges

1. Budgets – Still the Top Meeting Planner Challenge

Not surprisingly, tight and inadequate budgets were the top meeting planner challenges identified by respondents across the board. Despite a strong economy, planners report that budgets have not kept pace with rising meeting costs and attendee/C-Suite expectations.

Simple Solution: Meet on a Cruise Ship!

A cruise ship venue can save your organization up to 30% over a comparable hotel or resort. Why? A cruise offers more inclusions than most hotel programs. Meals, entertainment, recreational activities and sports facilities, meeting space + use of AV for starters. And of course, transportation to multiple ports of call!

2. Lack of Time – Major Meeting Planner Challenge

Nearly all respondents cited lack of time as a major meeting planner challenge. Most event professionals worry that the overwhelming details of day-to-day work leave little time for long-term, strategic planning.

Simple Solution: Meet on a Cruise Ship!

With so many inclusions, a cruise event means a simplified budget. Since a ship is a self-contained environment, there are fewer vendors to work with, no menus to pore over, and no off-site events to plan.

Bonus: Save more time and stress by using Landry & Kling’s cruise event services. We’ll source the perfect ship for your event and negotiate the best contract terms and amenities. Leaving you more time to focus on the big stuff…like your meeting objectives!

3. Keeping Up With Technology a Growing Meeting Planner Challenge

Staying up-to-date with technology and its impact on meeting productivity can be daunting. The increasing number of Millennial attendees expect smart digital technology and personalized experiences.

Simple Solution: Meet on a Cruise Ship!

While cruise lines are increasing their ships’ WiFi bandwidth, they are also introducing new high-tech innovations to provide a highly personalized travel experience both on and off the ship.

A few of the latest tech developments include:

  • Facial recognition that drastically reduces or eliminates embarkation check-in
  • Free apps with a daily planner and the ability to book shore excursions and specialty restaurants
  • Complimentary wearable devices that act as identification, charge card, and location beacons
  • Voice-activated personal assistants in staterooms

While internet package rates on contemporary ships continue to drop, most premium and luxury cruise lines now include complimentary internet connectivity in their cruise fare.

4. Lack of Creativity Meeting Planner Challenge

Creative restriction is another meeting planner challenge that was cited. Event professionals are increasingly tasked with creating more engaging and unique experiences. Meeting planner respondents noted that corporate policies of big hotel brands, as well as tight budgets, often place limits on pushing the boundaries of creativity.

Simple Solution: Meet on a Cruise Ship!

Ships have built-in unique experiences that simply cannot be found on land. From multi-deck sports complexes and award-winning entertainment to exclusive shoreside events (complimentary with some cruise lines) and authentic destination experiences.

Creative Meeting Space: In addition to flexible conference facilities, ships offer groups theaters and lounges with state-of-the-art multi-media and built-in décor. This saves you money while giving your presentations a greater “wow” factor. Yes, meeting space and use of AV is included!

For a unique, customized experience your meeting attendees or incentive qualified can’t duplicate on their own, consider an exclusive cruise ship charter.

5. Complex Demands, Rising Costs of Food & Beverage

Another meeting planner challenge: rising food costs. According to surveyed meeting planners, food preferences and dietary requirements have become more complicated. There is also a growing awareness of wellness and sustainability issues that make menu planning more challenging and costly.

Simple Solution: Meet on a Cruise Ship!

No need to worry about menu planning during your cruise event – meals are always included in a variety of dining venues (fees for some specialty restaurants might apply).

Delicious and healthy cuisine is served onboard – and dietary considerations are never an issue. Cruise lines are creating epicurean journeys inspired by the destinations they visit – at budget-friendly prices!

A few recent cruise ship food trends: Locally and responsibly sourced food, globally-inspired menus created by top chefs, cooking classes and demonstrations from local guest chefs and food experts; immersive culinary experiences ashore.

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