Landry & Kling’s Global Impact: Supporting People of Ukraine

Joyce Landry with Ukrainian children who were living on a ship in Scotland.

Landy & Kling is honored to be a member company of ISOA (International Stability Operations Association), the world’s only association exclusively representing the stability sector. ISOA’s global network of companies and organizations supports long-term stability and growth in the world’s most vulnerable places.

On June 20, 2024, ISOA presented its annual Global Impact Awards. Landry & Kling Global Ship Solutions was one of three member companies recognized for outstanding humanitarian efforts supporting the people of Ukraine. The award was given in recognition of our work with 3,000 Ukrainian refugees, including 800 children, living aboard two chartered accommodation ships in Scotland, and the establishment of the nonprofit organization Mission of Innocents

We are pleased to share our story, which was featured on the ISOA Member Spotlights page.

Joyce Landry & the Ukrainian children Mission of Innocents shipboard program

Twelve weeks into the Ukrainian war, a contractor for the Scottish Government contacted Landry & Kling Global Ship Solutions with an urgent request. Anticipating an influx of tens of thousands of Ukrainian refugees, the government sought innovative solutions to a severe housing shortage. Within two weeks, Landry & Kling deployed two vessels to Edinburgh and Glasgow.

Landry & Kling’s mission was to fulfill the Scottish Government’s Super Sponsor Scheme—a multi-faceted program of accommodation, health care, education, language, job training, and welfare known as a Warm Scots Welcome. Over the next year and a half, more than 3,000 Ukrainians, including 800 children, would find safety, solace, and community onboard both ships.

Landry & Kling Team in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Under the guidance of the Landry & Kling team, a strong community of care and support was fostered. Each ship provided a comprehensive range of services, including housekeeping, laundry, three healthy and culturally appropriate meals daily, medical services, recreational facilities, and 24/7 security. Onboard support services were available to address immediate and long-term needs, such as mental health counseling, employment matching, benefits, primary/secondary school placement, and safeguarding.

The team worked closely with various agencies onboard and ashore, including the Immigration and Border Force, National Health Service, various Scottish Government teams, an onboard nurse, translation services, volunteers, local charities, and religious institutions.

Living alongside displaced families, Landry & Kling’s CEO, Joyce Landry, was deeply moved by the plight of the most vulnerable onboard—the children. In response, Joyce initiated and funded enrichment programs to support the children’s well-being and provide leadership opportunities for Ukrainian adults. The company’s philanthropic commitment to the children’s programs led to the formation of Mission of Innocents and its recognition as a 501(c)(3) non-profit.

Mission of Innocents Children onboard their accommodation ship
One of Mission of Innocents’ proudest accomplishments is the formation of the children’s choir, which has evolved into a popular and beloved community group. The choir has been honored to perform at Bute House for Nicola Sturgeon, the Former First Minister of Scotland, at the Scottish Parliament, the Royal Lyceum Theatre, and the Ukrainian Embassy in London.
Mission of Innocents Children's Choir at the London Embassy.

Since its founding, Mission of Innocents has been a beacon of hope for nearly 800 displaced Ukrainian children. It continues to expand its impact on other communities of displaced people.

Landry & Kling is uniquely positioned on the frontlines of refugee accommodation operations, and continues its work around the globe, providing housing solutions in areas of need.

Founded in 1982, Landry & Kling Global Ship Solutions was the first to specialize in chartering vessels for large-scale temporary housing and support solutions. The company is recognized as the global leader in procurement and logistics for complex vessel charters, including government and construction projects, workforce and university housing, humanitarian aid, disaster relief, military exercises, and other unique situations where vessels provide cost-effective solutions.

[This story was originally posted by ISOA.]

Saying goodbye to the Ukrainian refugee accommodation ship.

At Landry & Kling, we are inspired by the courage and resilience of the Ukrainian refugee children. We support Mission of Innocents and the nonprofit’s commitment to bring smiles, laughter, and hope back into the lives of displaced children worldwide.

To learn more about Mission of Innocents and make a donation, visit Your support can make a significant difference in the lives of these children.

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