Ships available globally for safe, secure entertainment production.

Landry & Kling sources vessels around the world to support all types of entertainment projects. Ships, floatels, and barges are deployed for major motion pictures, documentaries, television series, reality shows, commercials, and video production.
Safe, secure, self-contained set locations keep your team and talent happy and your film production on schedule.

On a chartered ship, your cast and crew will enjoy:

Complete privacy and security in a healthy, controlled environment
Cost-effective solution for better budget control
Customized services including food and amenities

Landry & Kling are leaders in global vessel sourcing. We will find the appropriate ship for your script, recommend full ship buyout or a group program. We will negotiate the most favorable contract terms, liaise with the cruise line on your behalf, and support you throughout the project.

Ships for entertainment production

Why work with Landry & Kling?


Your cast and crew will love the unique venue ships provide for both film and production support services.


Everything you need is right onboard, and your crew will build camaraderie not possible on land.


On-site support staff for port and ship operations during your production.

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