Committed to delivering responsible, sustainable travel experiences.

Now more than ever, cruise lines are focused on reducing the carbon footprint of their ships and protecting our oceans and communities.

To that end, a few of the industry sustainability goals include net-zero emissions, waste reduction, sustainable tours, sustainable food sourcing, and environmental and conservation partnerships.

We are fully committed to partnering with cruise and ship operators at the forefront of sustainability.
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Cruise Line Facts From CLIA

While cruise ships comprise far less than 1% of the global maritime community, cruise lines are at the forefront in developing responsible environmental practices and innovative technologies that lead in sustainable stewardship.


CLIA Downloadable Reports

The Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) has published several downloadable reports, fact sheets, and infographics demonstrating these initiatives.

Download Environmental Sustainability Factsheet

Download Environmental Commitment, Innovation and Results of Cruise Industry Infographic

Download Environmental Commitment, Innovation and Results of Cruise Industry Report

Download Destination Stewardship Fact Sheet


Future of Cruising with Joyce Landry – A Perfect Day for Sustainability

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Landry & Kling created to support and promote cruise lines at the forefront of the sustainability movement.

With proven policies and significant investment in technologies to improve ocean health and provide a healthy environment for passengers and crew, cruise companies are continuing to demonstrate good stewardship of their global destinations.

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