2022 Outlook on Cruising: Safety, Sustainability, Innovation

What does the future hold for the cruise industry? The CLIA Cruise Industry 2022 Outlook Report provides an in-depth look at an industry that has navigated uncharted waters to overcome unprecedented challenges. CLIA (Cruise Lines International Association) is the world’s largest cruise industry trade association representing more than 95 percent of global cruise capacity. Their report describes a future that is brighter than ever!

Here are a few highlights of the 2022 Cruise Industry Outlook Report

With science-backed protocols in place, CLIA ocean-going cruise lines work closely with worldwide governments to facilitate a smooth resumption of operations. Cruise ships have welcomed more than six million guests onboard since resuming operations in July 2020. 

  • More than 75% of ocean-going member capacity has returned to service.
  • Nearly 100% are projected to be in operation by August 2022.
  • Passenger volume is expected to recover and surpass 2019 levels by the end of 2023.

While remaining focused on health and safety, cruise lines are at the forefront in developing responsible environmental and destination stewardship practices. The industry is helping to put people back to work and serve as a sustainable travel model. 

A Safer Way to Travel

Cruise line protocols represent some of the most critical actions any industry has taken to address and mitigate Covid-19.

CLIA 2022 Cruise Industry Outlook Health Protocols
Image courtesy of CLIA

The cruise industry now provides one of the safest forms of travel, with new, science-backed safety protocols at the helm. Cruise ships operating today offer one of the most highly vaccinated, tightly controlled environments for travelers to experience the world’s most beautiful destinations. 

Innovation + Collaboration  = Sustainable Future for Cruising

Cruise lines are leading the way in responsible tourism and maritime practices. While pursuing the goal of net carbon neutral cruising by 2050, they are investing in new ships and cleaner technologies. These innovative solutions are already having a significant impact.

As good stewards of the places they visit, cruise lines are collaborating with local communities to balance the needs of destinations and maintain a positive visitor experience.

By 2027, the CLIA ocean-going cruise line member fleet will reflect significant advancements in the cruise industry’s pursuit of a sustainable, more efficient future.

CLIA 2022 Cruise Industry Report Environmental
Image courtesy of CLIA

To view the full 2022 State of the Cruise Industry Outlook report, please click here.

Your Resource for Sustainable Ships

At Landry & Kling, we are aligned with the CLIA sustainability goals. That is why we seek to make SustainableShips.com a repository of cruise line sustainability practices and initiatives – all in one place. We applaud the steady, increasing movement toward Net Zero Emissions and encourage the ports to continue retrofitting to accommodate ships with electric capability. Visit SustainableShips.

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