Rapidly-sourced ships provide humanitarian aid and temporary housing around the globe.

Safe and secure accommodations on passenger ships, ferries, and floatels are available for war or armed conflict refugees, climate refugees, migrants, and asylum seekers.

When there is a humanitarian crisis, Landry & Kling has the global resources to rapidly source and deploy ships to provide urgently-needed relief and temporary housing. We understand the needs of those affected and work to convert ships into safe and secure floating accommodations delivered with care and concern.
Besides private and comfortable sleeping rooms, humanitarian aid ships offer meals with menu items to meet individual and cultural preferences. Shops, laundry rooms, lounges, recreational facilities, play areas for children, and fitness facilities are included on most passenger ships.

At Landry & Kling, we put our heart into every humanitarian project. Working alongside local government officials and critical ship personnel, we ensure that health and safety, public protection, and waste management measures are implemented before passengers board the vessel.

We aim to ensure that all seeking shelter receive a warm welcome with access to appropriate support services, including healthcare, education, and benefits support. We have experience liaising with local governments, port authorities, and health, education, and social services agencies to make it happen.

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Landry & Kling has the experience to anticipate and overcome the challenges associated with long-term dockside vessel charters. These include local permitting, licensing, gray & black water, shore power, fuel, and trash removal. We provide ships of all sizes where needed, quickly, and within budget. L&K is a certified woman-owned and led company and an official FEMA vendor.

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Success Story: 6-18 month ship charters for Ukrainian war refugees

CHALLENGE: Scotland agreed to accept thousands of Ukrainian war refugees who needed temporary housing. There was an urgent need to find safe accommodations for the initial influx of people until they could find permanent homes or return to their native land.

SOLUTION: Thanks to the enormous team effort spanning four countries, we found and deployed a ship to Edinburgh within one week to temporarily house the displaced refugees. A second ship was then rapidly sent to Glasgow to accommodate more people.

RESULTS: Over 3,000 displaced people, including 800 children, have housing and meals in a safe and secure environment. Both ships offer housekeeping, medical services, recreational facilities, and children’s activities. L&K became the liaison between the ships and the Scottish Government to make sure all refugee needs were met. We requested a Ukrainian crew and helped arrange local schooling for children living on the ship. As a result, the government extended our initial 6-month charter contract to 12-18 months.

Thank you so much for your time on my visit on board the MS Ambition last week…I’m very grateful to you and your crew for your excellent leadership and generosity shown on a daily basis to the Ukrainians aboard. It sets a great example in the importance of showing kindness and empathy to support and help fellow human beings in whatever way we can.

Why work with Landry & Kling?


Unrivaled experience and global resources for humanitarian & disaster relief ship projects.


Rapid vessel sourcing provides displaced citizens with housing, meals, and critical services.


We can provide on-site staff and facilitate local permitting and licensing if needed.

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