Immediate housing. Fully customizable.

Ships, ferries, floatels and barges for temporary workforce accommodations.

Construction, transportation, offshore energy/wind farms, and large infrastructure projects often require temporary workforce housing. Floating housing vessels can be mobilized, are fully functioning, and can be ready to operate in less time than establishing temporary land-based accommodations.

Ships, floatels, barges, and offshore vessels are cost-effective, safe, and secure solutions to accommodate workforce personnel. Vessels can be docked at any port city or coastal area or anchored offshore, and barges can be anchored in major inland waterways. 

workforce housing vessel docked on location
workforce housing lounge

Your crew will enjoy secure, functional living spaces with all the comforts of home. In addition to dining venues and housekeeping services, other onsite amenities may include sports facilities, lounges, and laundry facilities. All are located onboard, under one roof.

Why use vessels for temporary housing?

  • Fast mobilization of services, food, housekeeping
  • In/Out without investment of building, ramp-up, and break down
  • Can scale up as needed
  • Cost-effective solution

We provide the vessels available for:

  • W2W (walk to work) vessels for offshore wind, oil, and gas industries
  • DP (Dynamic Positioning) and MPOSV (Multi-purpose offshore vessels) for offshore construction
  • Floating dormitories
  • Research vessels
  • Maritime support vessels

Why work with Landry & Kling?


Access to a wide variety of housing vessels to meet your specific needs.


NAICS authorized vendor for Deep Sea Passenger Transportation.


Ability to quickly mobilize vessels, support staff and operations.

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