Landry & King facilitating cruise ship charters for coronavirus relief

Joyce Landry, Landry & Kling facilitating cruise ship charters for coronavirus relief

By Joyce Landry

During the coronavirus pandemic, Landry & Kling Global Cruise Events is joining forces with cruise line partners to deliver ships as floating medical centers to increase land-based hospital bed capacity.

Ships around the world can provide more hospital beds

Our company is currently working with several nations outside the USA that are at capacity with their hospital beds and seeking this type of solution.

For any missions, the ships will be thoroughly disinfected, reconfigured as needed and fully stocked with food, medical equipment and hospital supplies. They also can provide housing for doctors, nurses and other health-care professionals. These workers would be accommodated in different decks from patients, with separate air ventilation systems monitored on each deck to ensure safety.

Many cruise ships are currently sitting idle across the globe and lines are eager to provide relief services during this pandemic. We’ve researched where the ships are, which are available and what lines are willing to offer them. That means Landry & Kling can quickly access vessels, at cost, on behalf of governments, federal agencies, heath organizations and private enterprises.

Expertise in disaster relief charters

Landry & Kling has been in business since 1982, and we have ample experience in this type of undertaking. Our company has organized ship charters for urgent relief situations including evacuation, emergency services, restoration and rebuilding.

Landry & Kling is an approved vendor with the US Federal Emergency Management Agency and has assisted with numerous government contracts, working directly with FEMA and through government contractors.

Landry & Kling consultation service charges waived

Due to the extreme circumstances during this unprecedented time, we are waiving our customary service charges for logistics and consultation. 

Our team is perfectly suited to respond in disasters — they are committed and passionate about helping others and will work tirelessly to find ship-based solutions for those in need. 

Landry & Kling’s specialized services include handling requests for information and proposals, contract negotiation including capability with multiple currencies through global banking relationships, on-site support, and identification of potential additional costs related to government, state and/or local taxation and fees.

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