Hurricane Relief Housing – Ship Charters Available!

Joyce Landry works to find relief ships after Hurricane Irma
At work in Miami after Hurricane Irma, Joyce Landry catches a cell phone signal outdoors.

Our hearts go out to everyone affected by the recent hurricanes. Even though our Miami office was temporarily closed after Hurricane Irma, our team suffered minimal personal damage and we were able to continue working on an urgent request for hurricane relief housing. Not only did we find a suitable ship for that client, but our extensive research also turned up a few other vessels that can be chartered and deployed immediately.

A few of these ships are not currently in regularly scheduled service, but are available as dockside hurricane relief housing with meals and recreation facilities under the same roof – at an affordable price. 

Dockside “Floating hotels” are a welcome solution for companies looking for hard-to-find accommodations for insurance adjusters, clean-up crews, construction teams, medical professionals and others. Such charters may be a way to facilitate emergency relief services and recovery efforts in the Caribbean islands devastated by Hurricanes Wilma and Maria.

During our 35 years in business, Landry & Kling has had experience with this type of situation, having assisted the Federal Emergency Management Agency with securing a cruise ship charter for a critical, six-month Hurricane Katrina relief mission in the Gulf of Mexico in 2005.

For more information about disaster relief ship charters, please contact: Joyce Landry (+1-305-299-7556) Vicki Fernandez (+1-305-283-5793).


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