Oceania Regatta in Alaska - Cruise Line Environmental ReportIf you’re concerned about the environmental impact of cruising, you’ll want to read the Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) 2016 Environment Sustainability Report. 

The cruise line environmental update details the industry’s environmental initiatives and innovative technologies that are being developed to ensure future generations of cruise passengers have access to pristine oceans, clean air, and beautiful destinations.

Highlights from the cruise line environmental report include:

    • Cruise Lines have invested over $1 billion in advanced emissions technologies and alternative fuels.
    • CLIA worked with the International Maritime Organization (IMO) to develop mandatory measures for a 30 percent reduction in new ship CO2 emissions by 2025.
    • Some cruise ships repurpose nearly 100% of waste by reducing, reusing, donating, recycling and converting waste into energy.
    • Cruise ships utilize ecological, non-toxic coatings on ship hulls to reduce fuel consumption by 5%.
  • The cruise industry pioneered advanced wastewater treatment systems that can produce cleaner water than the wastewater systems of most coastal cities in the United States.