An Interview with Lindblad Expeditions: Safe Exploration and Delicious Food, Sustainably Sourced!

If your travel plans were put on hold due to the pandemic, now’s the time to begin planning the next great adventure for you and your group. To learn about travel options that are safe as well as sustainable, I invite you to visit Landry & Kling’s website and register for our “Future of Cruising” Livecast interview series.

Episode 8 featured two special guests from Lindblad Expeditions: Amy Berquist, VP, Conservation, Education, and Sustainability; and Ana Esteves, Director of Hotel Operations. They joined me to talk about their healthy, sustainable 5 to 14-day “Wild Escapes” in America’s Last Frontier – Alaska. Watch the full episode.

Sustainable Ships Webinar featuring Joyce Landry & Lindblad Expeditions

Wild Alaska Adventures

Exploring the southern regions of Southeast Alaska on a Lindblad-National Geographic expedition is an unrivaled experience! Lindblad’s intimate (62 to 100-passenger), American-flagged expedition vessels navigate deep into Alaska’s fjords and narrow, wildlife-rich channels.

Ship bows are designed with multiple tiers for unobstructed views; while a fleet of zodiacs, kayaks, and eco-friendly stand-up paddleboards allow guests to get even closer to magnificent glaciers and wildlife. A team of onboard experts and naturalists, as well as cool tools for exploration, add to the exhilarating adventure.

Leaders in Sustainability

Amy shared the sustainable ethos that has been the driving force behind Lindblad for 50+ years. Beginning in 2019, Lindblad Expeditions became a carbon neutral company, offsetting the carbon emissions of their fleet, offices, and all land-based operations. Their ships are now 100% free of all single-use plastic bottles, cups, straws, and stirrers.

Explore With Confidence

Lindblad’s intimately sized ships and voyages to wild and remote destinations make them uniquely positioned to resume safe sailing. Multi-layers of advanced health and safety protocols are already in place. And, they are the world’s first self-disinfecting ships!

Ana showed us another aspect of sustainability through a lens that we all love — food!

Lindblad is committed to buying locally wherever possible. At the heart of their culinary program is a strong sustainable seafood policy. Using a holistic approach, every species is assessed. Lindblad then goes through extensive research to ensure they are only serving the most sustainable options. Their aim is to keep our oceans healthy and fish stocks constantly regenerating.

Lindblad is also dedicated to supporting local communities in their sustainable fishing efforts, as well as creating awareness among their staff, crew, guests, suppliers, and the larger travel industry.

To learn more about Lindblad Expeditions sustainable food, watch this short video featuring our Livecast guest Ana Esteves.


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