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These days, safety and security are top of mind when planning a global meeting or incentive trip. In the Meetings & Conventions Global Planner 2017 survey, North American meeting planners listed security as one of their key criteria when selecting an international destination (see screenshot, right).

Are Cruise Ships Safe & Secure?

This is the question we hear from many of the meeting planners we speak with are also concerned about cruise ship safety for their incentive cruises and meetings at sea. Here are the straight facts from CLIA (Cruise Lines International Association) to put your mind at ease.

Facts About Cruise Ship Safety & Security

Much of what cruise lines do to protect passengers happens quietly, behind the scenes. And although the crime rate at sea is extraordinarily low, cruise lines maintain a watchful eye for suspicious activity. In fact, they operate with multiple layers of security.

  • Access to the cruise ship terminal, ship, passengers, and passengers’ belongings is strickly enforced. Proof of identity is required.
  • Second, all passengers, crew, carry-on baggage and luggage must pass through screening checkpoints before boarding. Sniffing dogs trained to detect explosives are used in the security area.
  • Third, prior to embarking or disembarking, passengers and crew are required to pass through security checkpoints.
  • Fourth, cruise lines maintain an official manifest for each ship, which includes all passengers, officers, staff and crew. This list is shared with U.S. authorities to run through law enforcement databases.
  • Fifth, video surveillance is used to monitor onboard activity .

Cruise Ship Security infographic from CLIA

Additional Cruise Ship Security Measures

  • Major cruise lines have sophisticated security departments run by former federal, state or military law enforcement officials and staffed by professional security personnel.
  • Highly trained ship security officers are on call and patrol ships 24/7.
  • Carnival Corporation will be the first cruise company to partner with INTERPOL for advanced security screening to further increase passenger safety on all 101 ships across 10 brands around the world.
  • In many destinations, divers go beneath the ship before it leaves port, and the cruise line takes great precautions when taking on provisions, with dogs used to enhance security.
  • Perhaps most importantly,  ports of calls and itineraries can be changed when necessary due to world events.
  • For the ultimate security, consider chartering a ship exclusively for your group.

Learn More About Cruise Ship Security & Safety

cruise ship security - Crystal ship in PortofinoWe hope we’ve alleviated your concerns about staying safe and secure during your cruise event. If you have additional questions or concerns about meeting on a cruise ship, please give us a call at 305-661-1880, send an email to

For more detailed information on cruise ship safety & security regulations, plus visit CLIA’s Security at Sea page.

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