Was this real or a dream? Actually, it was both!

Have you ever had a travel experience where you had to pinch yourself to make sure you weren’t dreaming? When you felt both relaxed and rejuvenated and time seemed to stand still? Recently I had such an experience, and I’m excited to share it with you so you can begin planning a dream-come-true incentive trip or corporate event.

The Moorings Yacht charter in British Virgin Islands - a beautiful beach scene

What evoked this blissful feeling, you ask? Oh, just sailing around pristine Caribbean islands with a few friends on our own crewed yachts. The twin yachts were The Moorings 5800 sailing catamarans and my traveling companions were fellow meeting & incentive planning professionals. Along with The Moorings sales team, our group of 14 participated in a 5-night CMI (Corporate Meeting & Incentive) familiarization cruise in the British Virgin Islands. And it was magical.

Here’s more about The Moorings Crewed Yacht Incentive Programs for your next small meeting, top-tier recognition program or executive retreat:

Why Choose The Moorings:

  • The Moorings can accommodate up to 190 guests per group, or more by offering back-to-back sailings:
    • 5800 Crewed Yachts: 10 models in the fleet can accommodate up to 100 guests
    • 4800 Crewed Yachts: 9 models in the fleet can accommodate up to 54 guests
    • 4600 Crewed Yachts: 5 models in the fleet can accommodate up to 30 guests
    • 514C Power Catamaran accommodates up to 6 guests (perfect for your staff!)
  • Crewed Yacht Charters include:
    • Captain, Chef, and Hostess
    • All meals & beverages (including wine, beer and spirits), planned & provisioned based on your guests’ preferences
    • Water sports equipment & Dinghy
    • Free WiFi (British Virgin Islands)
    • Complete flexibility and freedom to customize, based on your goals
  • Flexible Charter Dates: No set schedules, so begin your program any day of the year
  • Meeting facilities, team-building activities, and private event venues available throughout the cruising area
  • The Moorings Yachts are available around the world: Bahamas, Caribbean, Thailand, Mediterranean (Croatia or Greek Isles), Seychelles, Tahiti

Ready to come aboard The Moorings yacht?

Relax, take off your shoes, and be prepared to bid your stress goodbye!