DAR Cruised the Caribbean Exploring Their Rich History

From left to right: Nicola Rowan, cruise liaison from Landry & Kling; Gale Crafton, National Chairman, DAR Tours; Sally Alshouse, National Vice Chairman, DAR Tours.

Daughters of the American Revolution enjoyed a luxurious cruise while connecting to their roots

When the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) were in search of exploring the Caribbean Islands’ history and its connection to the American Revolution, they decided a seven-day cruise to the Southern Caribbean islands would be the ideal destination. This gave their members an unforgettable and educational experience.

The Caribbean-American Revolution Connection

The American Revolution in the Caribbean cruise program delivered on its mission of providing its members with treasured memories while at the same time offering an interesting historical reference.

In 1776, there were a total of 26 British colonies in America, which included six colonies in the Caribbean, all subject to the Stamp Act imposed by Great Britain. These island colonies were affected by this tax imposed on them, and trade was harshly hindered with French, Dutch and Spanish colonies.

Because of the restrictions, a thriving black market followed making this part of the world a stage for the conflict known as the American Revolution.

The DAR Mission

The Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR)’s mission is to promote historic preservation, education, and patriotism. Founded in 1890 and headquartered in Washington, D.C., DAR is a non-profit, volunteer women’s service organization dedicated to promoting patriotism, preserving American history, and securing America’s future through better education for children.

Planning & Executing the DAR Event

The DAR organizers needed a venue that would accommodate two welcome receptions, two lectures, and two cocktail parties to accommodate 90 guests. Sally Alshouse, National VP of DAR Tours noted:

Landry & Kling’s seasoned team of professionals helped us with every stage of the planning process to ensure our needs were met.  From ship selection to scheduling an onsite inspection and event logistics execution, they handled it all.

The best part was that I could completely trust them to execute all our events and represent our organization professionally without any problems.  I can’t speak highly enough of this company and how they delivered for our members.

They chose the Celebrity Summit, which departed from San Juan, Puerto Rico with ports of call that included Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas; Basseterre, St Kitts & Nevis; St. John’s, Antigua; Castries, St. Lucia; Bridgetown and Barbados. Mrs. Alshouse noted:

The Landry & Kling team went above and beyond and exceeded our expectations.  Every aspect of all our events was executed with such professionalism and flawlessness.  It is Landry & Kling’s attention to detail that made our event stress free. We were very impressed to see the strong business relationship they have with the cruise lines to make it such a successful event.

Advantages of Meeting at Sea

There are many advantages of hosting events and meetings on a ship venue because they offer a unique experience, builds brand /loyalty and shapes lasting relationships.  Furthermore, cruises offer multi-generational appeal, so your cruise program will motivate and reward your team, no matter the age.

Group travelers can visit multiple destinations with comfort and ease on a cruise ship. Each day in a new port brings the anticipation of exploration, discovery and adventure; and sharing new travel adventures enhances camaraderie within any organization. Was the DAR event a success? According to Mrs. Alshouse,

All the attendees that joined and experienced our cruise gathering have formed some very special bonds. Not only was the event execution flawless but, it was very successful for our members because we all connected.  The cruise took place in early November and to this day, all the attendees are in communication via social media, thanks to this excursion.


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