Don’t let cruise myth zombies sabotage your next event!

After 30+ years helping organizations plan meetings, incentives & events at sea, we’ve heard them all…those frightening cruise myths that refuse to die! We would hate for you to miss the opportunity to host your best event ever…so have no fear, intrepid meeting pro, we’re going to smash the top 5:


Our CEO Joyce Landry (3rd zombie from left) at the Halloween Rowing Event

MYTH #1 Cruises are just for fun – not suitable for corporate events


MSC Divina Conference Room

FACT: Not that we have anything against fun, but today’s cruise ships are also built for serious business. Purpose-built conference space, flexible meeting venues, beautiful lounges for creative collaborations, inspiring event space, multi-media equipped theaters are all included.

A ship is the perfect venue for mixing business and pleasure! After meetings, your attendees will have plenty of opportunities for leisure pursuits and shared adventures on board and ashore.

MYTH #2 There’s not enough to do on board – our attendees will be bored

Ropes Courses

Ropes Courses

FACT: Seriously? If you or your decision makers have never cruised before, you’ll be amazed by how much there is to do on cruise ships. From world-class spas and shopping to multi-level sports decks with rock climbing walls and ropes courses, modern ships offer an endless array of facilities, enrichment classes, and recreational activities for every taste and every generation – even kids and teens!.  

In the evenings, ships comes alive with entertainment options like Broadway shows; trendy dance clubs; deck parties and movies “under the stars”; sophisticated bars and nightclubs; multi-media, interactive shows; Las Vegas-style casinos…and the list goes on.

MYTH #3 Cruises are too expensive – I’m on a tight budget

Windstar Star Breeze Veranda Restaurant

Windstar Star Breeze Veranda Restaurant

FACT: Actually, an all-inclusive cruise event can save you up to 30% when compared to land-based programs. What’s included? All meals and multiple dining venues, fitness center and sports facilities, daily activities, choice of evening entertainment, meeting space and use of A/V equipment. Not to mention, the opportunity to drive (or take a convenient flight) to your port and visit several enticing destinations – your “floating hotel” travels with you!

MYTH #4 There’s no Internet access – we need to stay connected!

Rapid speed connection on Anthem of the Seas

Rapid speed connection on Anthem of the Seas

FACT: Wrong again! Most modern ships have high-speed WiFi throughout, and with new technology, several cruise lines boast wireless connectivity that matches fast broadband connections ashore. Rates are more flexible and affordable than ever, and many cruise ships offer inexpensive social media packages in addition to Internet packages. Some lines even offer free WiFi – on select ships, in suites, or for everyone on board.

MYTH #5 Cruise Ships are Not Safe – What if my Attendees Get Sick?

Crystal Serenity at Sea

Crystal Serenity at Sea

FACT: From innovative ship design and strict regulations and industry policies, to thorough safety drills for guests and crew and continual crew member training, you’ll be hard pressed to find any other industry as vigilant as the cruise industry when it comes to the well being of its guests. A  typical cruise ship has more than 60 announced and unannounced safety, environmental and health inspections each year. 

Worried about Norovirus? According to the CDC, you are 750 times more likely to get the common stomach bug on land than on a cruise ship. And all ships must have at least one licensed physician and one registered nurse (more for larger ships) on board and standing by 24/7. For more facts about safety, security, and health at sea, check out

Stay tuned…we’ll be smashing more zombie cruise meeting myths soon!