There’s been a lot of Scuttlebutt around our office lately. What’s the scuttlebutt, you ask? Well, there are actually two answers to that question!

1) Old Nautical Definition

Scuttlebutt is an old nautical term for the drinking water cask on ships. Since this is where sailors gathered to quench their thirst and engage in casual conversation, scuttlebutt became U.S. Navy slang for gossip, stories or rumors. You could say that back in the 1800’s, the scuttlebutt was a sailor’s version of the office water cooler . [The scuttlebutt pictured on the right is from the USS Constitution, aka “Old Ironsides”, the world’s oldest floating naval vessel.]

2) New Version Just for You

We’ve refreshed our Landry & Kling Blog and re-christened it “Scuttlebutt Blog” to go along with our “new and improved” newsletter.  Your mailbox is full of stale and bland newsletters, right? Well, we wanted to give you something fresh and tasty! Announcing…

Landry & Kling’s Scuttlebutt is a simpler, “quick bites” approach to news that’s  fun, fresh, and frank. In addition to cruise news nuggets and insider tips relevant to meetings & events at sea, Scuttlebutt will bring you:

  • Personal ship inspection reports and candid comments from our team
  • Unusual ship charter opportunities and group offers
  • Cruise “gems” – rare and hard-to-find short itineraries on fabulous ships
  • Monthly Video or “Did You Know?” Fun Fact
  • Cool tips for planners

And never a single word of gossip or unconfirmed rumors!

Ready to get in on The Scuttlebutt? Sign up today!