This week, Royal Caribbean’s Anthem of the Seas left the German shipyard of Meyer Werft to make her way to the sea. But it was no easy undertaking! You see, the shipyard is located inland – on a shallow, winding, and very narrow river.

In a process called “conveyance”, the world’s largest cruise ship slowly made her way out of the shipyard and down the River Ems. As the ship was pulled and guided by two tugboats, it was a narrow fit, with only mere inches of clearance on either side. The 20-mile conveyance took 17 hours, moving at 2 to 3 knots down the river – the same walking pace as a 40-year old man. Oh, and by the way – she had to sail backwards!

Thousands of excited spectators lined the banks of the river to catch a glimpse of the magnificent, gleaming white ship – and 8% of them were sheep, cows and horses! Join them now and watch this dramatic spectacle – you’ll learn lots of cool facts along the way: