As meeting and incentive travel budgets slowly increase, we know that planners are expected to deliver more experiential “wow” elements and unique experiences. “Luxury” is no longer a forbidden word as  upscale groups return to 5-star venues.

So how are planners increasing “Return On Experience” and keeping budgets in check?

Many planning pros intend to shorten incentive programs and business meetings. They recognize the value of all-inclusive events at sea, but find that most new and high-end ships sail 7 nights or longer. That can be a stumbling block for planners, who turn to Landry & Kling to research and recommend best cruise solutions.

Within every challenge lies a golden opportunity.

At Landry & Kling, we search beyond the standard three to five-night cruise choices to find unusual short itineraries for business meetings and incentives. And we regularly check with our industry contacts for breaking news about special short voyages. These are typically not published anywhere or announced to the public, and uncovering them is like looking for a needle in a haystack! That’s why we call these unique opportunities “cruise gems”. They are rare, precious, and hard to find…priceless! We love to collect these treasures and share them with our clients and Scuttlebutt subscribers.

Where do we find cruise gems?

Occasionally there are tantalizing, short opportunities on new and deluxe ships because of schedule changes. Or perhaps there are days left over from a customized ship charter itinerary. Sometime an opportunity comes along because a charter has been cancelled, or cruise line executives decide they can sell more cabins by splitting a published itinerary into 2 shorter cruises. (For example, a 10-night Med cruise on Seabourn became two unique Signature Jazz Cruise 5-night Gems especially produced for corporate groups!)

How to create your own “cruise gem”

Charter a ship! Given enough advance notice (typically 18-24 months), cruise lines might be willing to “carve out” a customized itinerary just for you. Learn more about ship charters here.  In the meantime…

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