Passenger Ships Used for Workforce Floating Accommodations

When construction, transportation, and large infrastructure projects require temporary workforce housing, available passenger ships can be used for floating accommodations. Floatels offer a cost-effective, safe, and secure solution to accommodate workforce personnel at sea or offshore.

The vessels can be brought in and docked in any port city or coastal area, or anchored offshore. Accommodation barges can also be anchored in major inland waterways.

Immediate, Customizable Housing

Enchantment of the Seas conference room for floating accommodations.Floating housing vessels can be mobilized, fully functional, and ready to operate in less time than it would take to establish a temporary land-based facility. In addition to sleeping rooms, recreational and dining facilities, many cruise ships offer flexible meeting and conference space that can be used for storage, construction offices, and project control centers.

Full-Service Floating Accommodations

Ships provide turn-key floating accommodationsShips and barges offer full-service floating accommodations and turnkey operations that can be customized to fit your needs. Your hard-working crew will enjoy secure, functional living spaces with the comforts of home. Along with dining venues, onsite amenities include sports facilities, lounges, laundry, and housekeeping services. And all services are conveniently located under one roof. 

Your team will have everything they need to relax and replenish during non-working hours. Healthy meals, areas for socializing, and restful sleep will result in greater safety operations and increased productivity on the job.

Dockside Ship Charters for Supplemental Housing

Cruise ships used as floating hotels for Fifth Summit of Americas in Trinidad

No hotel space left for a city-wide convention or sporting event? When there is a shortage of sleeping rooms in a port city, cruise ships can be used for additional housing. Chartered ships cruise into port and remain docked at the pier as a “floating hotel” for the required number of nights, then sail away after the event. Landry& & Kling has facilitated dockside floating hotel charters for international sporting events, government summits, and city-wide conferences,

During the ship charter, your attendees have greater security and privacy than in a land-based hotel. You will also be free to customize and brand the entire ship. Your “floating hotel” is a self-contained environment with a variety of dining, entertainment, and meeting facilities.

Ships Charters for Disaster Relief 

Passenger ships provide comfortable temporary housingFollowing a natural disaster, chartered ships can serve as temporary housing and provide a comfortable, safe space for displaced families and first responders. The ship’s sleeping rooms and other venues can be used by insurance adjusters, clean-up crews, construction teams, and medical/health care professionals. 

Landry & Kling Global Cruise Events has organized ship charters for urgent relief situations including evacuation, emergency services, humanitarian aid, restoration, and rebuilding. As an approved vendor with the US Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), we have assisted with numerous government ship charter contracts. Our most significant involved a six-month Hurricane Katrina relief mission in the Gulf of Mexico in 2005, and humanitarian aid after Haiti’s devastating 2010 earthquake.

Charter Services for Floating Accommodations  

Ship charters require specialized planning and logistics. At Landry & Kling Global Cruise Events, we remove the unknowns related to “floating hotel projects”, provide impartial advice, and offer solutions to enhance your investment. No other entity can match our record for managing global projects using ships as floating hotels.

Landry & Kling can assist you with:

  • Impartial ship comparisons and advice
  • Quick quotes and RFI/RFP submission
  • Expert ship charter contract negotiations
  • Tax + Government/Local Fee Analysis
  • Port agency services
  • Pre-event planning and logistics
  • Reservations & Registration
  • On-site implementation
  • Financial analysis and account reconciliation