Cruise ship dockside charter used as "floating hotel" for conference

When additional housing is needed in a port city and there simply isn’t any other way to provide it, cruise ships may be the solution. Using ships as “floating hotels” is an invaluable solution when there aren’t sufficient hotel rooms to support an important event.

“Floating Hotel” Logistics

People are excited to stay on a cruise ship and take advantage of all the exciting amenities; however, a different set of logistics need to be taken into account when planning these types of projects. Since 1982, Landry & Kling has chartered cruise ships and yachts of every size for city-wide conventions, international conferences, global sporting events – even disaster relief efforts.

Our 30 years of dockside charter experience works to your advantage!

Let us put our ship sourcing expertise, contract negotiating skills, and intimate knowledge of ship operations to work on your behalf for a successful dockside charter event.

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