Landry & Kling staff on board ship for theme cruiseThere’s no better venue than a cruise ship to bring like-minded people together for a theme cruise, special interest cruise, fundraiser or affinity event. The self-contained ship environment ship gives people the unique chance to mingle with their favorite performers or celebrities while meeting others who share the same passion.

Landry & Kling Theme Cruise Services

Since 1982, Landry & Kling has planned and operated all types of  successful theme and special interest cruises – from rock festivals to chocolate fantasy voyages. Over the years, we’ve learned that each special interest or theme cruise program has its own unique set of requirements.

Whatever your group size, special interest, or particular program needs, we’re here to support you. We offer a wide range of services – from finding the perfect cruise ship and negotiating best contract terms, to registration and marketing assistance, as well as program management and on-site staffing. We’re ready to do whatever it takes to guarantee your theme cruise event is an overwhelming success.

Cruise Ship Sourcing

Selecting the right ship for your special interest group or theme cruise charter is key to a successful event, but researching ships for your theme cruise takes time – and expertise. Landry & Kling can help you select a ship based on your program needs, and recommend onboard venues for logistical ease and event success. With the right ship and expert planning, almost anything can be done. We’re your on-stop resource offering ship site selection at no extra cost to you.

Ship Charter for Ultimate Privacy and Freedom to Customize

Depending on your group size and budget guidelines, a full-ship charter is the best way to ensure complete privacy for your theme cruise event. You’ll also have freedom to customize the entire shipboard experience and utilize all the ship’s facilities for classes, lectures, concerts, celebrity “meet and greet” events and theme parties. Even the itinerary and port times can be adjusted to make your cruise event uniquely memorable.