Meeting and event planners concerned about cruise ship WiFi connectivity during their cruise event can rest assured: Cruise lines are rolling out advanced WiFi technology and more competitive internet package pricing that make it easier than ever to email, tweet, post, and stream videos. While prices are coming down, some ships even offer free WiFi – unheard of just a few years ago!

Here are the latest cruise ship WiFi updates 

New Technology for Better Bandwidth, Faster Speeds

Cruise ship WiFi continues to improve as cruise lines roll out new wireless internet technology and expand bandwidth to keep up with demand. For example:

Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings is quadrupling the current bandwidth across its Norwegian Cruise Line, Oceania Cruises and Regent Seven Seas Cruises fleets to meet the rising internet expectations of cruise guests. Guests on all 23 ships from the three cruise brands can experience the new, lightning-fast WiFi, further enhanced by the recent deployment of high speed shoreside connectivity in key ports of call.

Celebrity Cruises is adding Xcelerate cutting-edge, high-speed internet across the fleet to give guests faster web browsing, accelerated page loads, and more dependable video streaming capabilities.

Royal Caribbean is making Voom high-speed internet available on all 24 ships in the fleet. Passengers can access social media, websites, apps, and streaming services as fast or nearly as fast as it would be on land.

Carnival Corporation expanded its hybrid connectivity system. The first-of-its-kind system integrates advanced satellite systems, on board software, networking equipment, land-based antennas and WiFi from port connections.

More Wireless Access, Lower Rates

As cruise ship internet access becomes more accessible the costs are steadily declining, with more flexible package options based on your attendees’ needs and number of devices. For example, Royal Caribbean International ships offers Voom “light”  for basic web browsing, email and social media; or the full Voom package to support video streaming.

Free Wi-Fi for Suite Guests

Oceania offers free internet access to guests booking upper-category accommodations. Celebrity guests in top suites already have unlimited internet access; and as part of Royal Caribbean’s Royal Suite Class Program, all guests sailing in “Star Suites” will enjoy complimentary Voom Internet, the fastest WiFi at sea.

Free WiFi for All!

Silversea guests sailing in select suites enjoy unlimited free WiFi and every guest receives at least one free hour daily.  Regent Seven Seas will offer unlimited WiFi to guests in all suite categories beginning with Seven Seas Navigator, Seven Seas Mariner (Nov 2016), Seven Seas Voyager(Nov 2016) and Seven Seas Explorer (Dec 2016). Luxury line Crystal Cruises and Crystal River Cruises offers all passengers a limited amount of free WiFi access every day. Viking Ocean Cruises offers free WiFi service to all guests, as do most premium river cruise lines.