Landry & Kling offers specialized sourcing and logistical support services for workforce housing and maritime support vessel projects, as well as disaster relief and hospital ships:

Specialized Vessel & Ship Charter Services

RFI/RFP SUBMISSION: Formulating responses, strategy, proposals, and costs for vessels quickly and efficiently.

CONTRACT NEGOTIATION: Landry & Kling’s knowledge and experience with multiple charter contracts will support a smooth transaction. We find solutions to contractual issues and have capability with multiple currencies through our global banking relationships. 

ON-SITE SUPPORT: Staff and resources to support the project on-site including logistics, loading supplies, and liaising with local port and other officials to assure a smooth operation once the ship is delivered.

TAX + GOVERNMENT/LOCAL FEE ANALYSIS: Landry & Kling can identify potential additional costs related to government, state, and/or local taxation and fees (i.e., duties and VAT), and work with each entity to manage these costs on behalf of the charterer.

PORT AGENCY SERVICES including local port knowledge, berth allocations, understanding of port regulations and requirements, knowledge of port operations.

PORT CONSULTATION regarding port feasibility, temporary docking facilities, check-in areas, safety and security


CREW MOVEMENT: Crew handling, visas, and transfers worldwide.

GROUND HANDLING: Check-in, transfers, embarkation, and disembarkation