There’s no better venue than a cruise ship to bring like-minded people together for a theme cruise, special interest charter, music festival or fundraiser event. 

We offer a wide range of services – from finding the perfect cruise ship and negotiating the best contract terms, to registration and marketing assistance, as well as program management and on-site staffing. 

Ship Charter for Ultimate Privacy and Freedom to Customize

Depending on your group size and budget guidelines, a full-ship charter is the best way to ensure complete privacy for your theme cruise event. You’ll also have the freedom to customize the entire shipboard experience and utilize all the ship’s facilities for classes, lectures, concerts, celebrity “meet and greet” events, and theme parties. Even the itinerary and port times can be adjusted to make your cruise event uniquely memorable.

To maximize your ship charter investment, Landry & Kling Global Cruise Services offers the following services:

Sponsor Branding - Ship Charter for Rio Olympics

Sponsorship Branding

We will develop and implement ship branding opportunities for your event sponsors. 

Revenue Optimization

Landry & Kling will advise on shipboard services that can be priced for local hospitality and generate income for the Sponsoring Entity.

Financial Management

We can provide Point of Sale options for collection of funds (multiple currencies/global banking capability), for all services/packages.

Reservations + Registration

With our robust registration software, we will develop the reservation platform and marketing website, create the pricing formula and room packages, collect funds, provide customer service support, and collect customer data for daily manifests. Landry & Kling will manage this process from contract signing to on-site.

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