Looking for a healthy, secure way to travel with your group? An exclusive small-ship charter with new health protocols in place may be your best choice for a reunion, board meeting, or corporate retreat. With access to hidden harbors, narrow ports, and shallow waterways, small ships & river cruises offer unique travel destinations away from the crowds.

SeaDream Mega-Yacht paddleboard

Advantages of Small Ships and River Charters

  • Healthy voyages with fresh air  and ample space 
  • More personalized service with a higher staff-to-guest ratio
  • Access to smaller, more exotic ports that seem more exclusive
  • Fresh, often locally-sourced food cooked to order
  • Relaxed, unstructured lifestyle – outstanding camaraderie
  • No lines. Speedy embarkation and disembarkation
  • Meetings on American-flagged ships in US waters can have tax advantages

River Cruises: New Ships, More Inclusive

Avalon River Cruise in Europe

Boutique-style river vessels offer a relaxed and upscale travel experience as they smoothly glide right into the heart of fairy tale towns and exotic cities. Their small size (typically 100-200 passengers) makes them a great charter option. 

Newly designed ships are meeting the growing demand for premium river travel. Some offer complimentary Wi-Fi, beer and wine with meals, and authentic experiences ashore; plus innovative balcony staterooms and suites designed to bring guests closer to passing scenery.

Worldwide River Destinations

Viking River cruise charter in Asia

Viking River cruise in Asia

In addition to popular European river destinations like the Rhine and Danube, river vessels traverse more exotic or close-to-home rivers and waterways, including:

  • Europe: Douro River, Russian Waterways
  • Asia: Rivers of China, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Myanmar
  • South America: Amazon River
  • Egypt: Nile River
  • North America: Pacific NW & Alaska, New England, Mississippi River

Small Ship Charters are Landry & Kling’s Specialty

You may know all the major cruise brands. But most of the smaller, easy-to-charter ships (50 to 500 rooms) sailing the world’s oceans and rivers are not so well known. How can you find the perfect one for your group or ship charter? 

Landry & Kling knows them all and can do the legwork in a flash! We can shop the global market for you, negotiate best rates & amenities, and assist with all your charter arrangements.

Why wait? Contact us today and charter your small ship for a healthy, secure cruise experience.