After a natural disaster, cruise ship charters can be used for temporary housing and relief services. Dockside “floating hotels” are a welcome solution for cities, counties, organizations, or companies looking for hard-to-find hotel accommodations. The ship’s sleeping rooms and other venues are available for insurance adjusters, clean-up crews, construction teams, medical professionals and others.

These types of ship charters can facilitate emergency relief services along the U.S. coastlines, Caribbean or other coastal areas around the world devastated by natural disasters.

Ship charters provide emergency housing

Cruise ships provide warm meals and recreation facilities under the same roof at an affordable price. While these chartered vessels serve as temporary housing, they provide a comfortable, safe space for displaced families and first responders following a devastating natural disaster.

Disaster Relief Ship Charter Services

Landry & Kling has procured ship charters for urgent relief situations including evacuation, emergency services, restoration and rebuilding. Our most significant FEMA government contracts involved securing a cruise ship charter for a six-month Hurricane Katrina relief mission in the Gulf of Mexico in 2005, and Haiti’s devastating earthquake in 2010.

Landry & Kling Specialized Services Include:

RFI/RFP Submission

We formulate responses, strategy, proposals and costs for vessels quickly and efficiently.

Contract Negotiation

Landry & Kling’s knowledge and experience with multiple charter contracts will support a smooth transaction. We find solutions to contractual issues and have capability with multiple currencies through our global banking relationships.

On Site Support

We provide staff and resources to support the project on site including liaising with local port and other officials to assure a smooth operation once the ship is delivered.

Tax + Government / Local Fee Analysis

Landry & Kling can identify potential additional costs related to government, state and/or local taxation and fees (i.e., duties and VAT), and work with these entities to manage these costs on behalf of the charterer.