Cruise Event Planning Tips & Tools

Whether you’re a novice at cruise event planning or an experienced meeting at sea planner, we’ve put together some helpful corporate cruise event planning tools and tips to help you in the process.

The Advantages of Cruise Meetings and Incentives

A ship venue offers many advantages for meeting and group travel planners – here are some of the key advantages of cruise meetings, incentive cruises and group events at sea.

Addressing Common Cruise Concerns

There are many stubborn misconceptions about cruising, and it’s important to separate the facts from fiction. Here are the most common concerns about cruise events, with suggestions on how to get your decision-makers on board. Common Cruise Concerns

Group Cruise Inclusions: How they Compare to a Hotel Program

When planning a meeting or group event, you might be surprised to find that a cruise ship can save you up to 30% when compared to a land-based venue. See typical cruise inclusions compared to a hotel or resort.

Planning Cruise Ship Charters – What You Need to Know

Learn what you need to know about booking ship charters and ship charter considerations.

Cruise Destinations and Seasons

Finally, get a taste of the world’s most popular cruise destinations and find out the best time to visit them by clicking on the “Destinations & Seasons” guide.