Where do we begin?

  • Better budget control and ease of planning: meals, entertainment, activities, recreational facilities are included
  • Trim your meeting budget: meeting space and use of AV is included
  • A cruise is highly promotable with multi-generational appeal
  • More wows with less out-of-pocket expense: Attendees have choice of complimentary dining venues with gourmet cuisine, and fantastic entertainment and recreational options
  • The self-contained environment of a cruise ship offers more networking opportunities
  • New experiences - onboard and ashore - foster camaraderie and relationship-building
  • Creative meeting spaces and sea views encourage creative thinking and exchange of ideas
  • Cruises offer multiple destinations and ease of travel. Each day in a new port brings the anticipation of exploration, discovery and adventure.
  • Superior Service: Ship staff-to-guest ratio averages three times that of most resorts