Planners agree that chartering a “ship of your own” for a special meeting, incentive or group event guarantees a successful program.

Here’s why:

Freedom to customize: When you charter a ship, you have more freedom to customize and greater control of the onboard experience. Since you “own the ship” during the charter period, virtually every aspect of the cruise can be modified. The ship’s meal times, daily activities, enrichment programs and entertainment – even ports of call and shore excursions – can be tailored to better support your program objectives.

With just your group onboard, you can display the company logo freely throughout the ship and customize the ship’s daily newspaper.You’ll have exclusive use of all onboard facilities and function space, so you can create extraordinary special events and meetings.

Camaraderie: Being together on a “ship of their own” with no other guests onboard gives participants more opportunities to connect and form relationships. The shared experiences of being at sea on their own ship creates strong bonds that just aren’t possible with a land-based program.

Prestige & Brand Loyalty: Being part of an elite group on a privately chartered ship is a unique experience your top performers or customers can’t duplicate on their own. They’ll feel honored and proud to board an exclusive ship, especially when the entire experience has been customized just for them.

VIP Service: With no other groups onboard, the ship’s entire staff and crew can devote 100 percent of their attention and resources to you and your program. You’ll receive the support you need, and every attendee will receive the VIP treatment they deserve.

Ultimate Security & Privacy: Your chartered ship is a self-contained, secure environment that is 100% private. No worries about other guests wandering in or having access to proprietary information.