Wondering if you should use a cruise ship broker for your next program?

Here’s what a good ship broker will do for you:

Ship Selection: Unless you are a cruise expert, you wouldn’t be expected to know all the cruise lines and ships that would be a good choice for your program. With over 200 ships sailing around the world, it’s the cruise broker’s job to narrow down the options and offer you the best choices based on your requirements.

Unbiased Assessment: A good cruise broker’s only vested interest is that you have an amazing program. That means they give you the real deal scoop about the differences in ships – and most important to you, the difference in services and what you can expect once you are onboard.

Contract Negotiation: If you’ve worked with hotels and feel comfortable with those terms and negotiations, that doesn’t mean it translates to cruise ships. Part of a cruise broker’s free service is to help you negotiate terms and get the best deal for you in all areas of the negotiation – not just the price

Relationship Advantage: An experienced ship broker will leverage their solid relationships with cruise lines and suppliers to lock in the best price, contract terms and amenities.