Why travel to just one destination when you can visit several enticing ports of call - with the convenient advantage of only unpacking once? Your “floating hotel” carries your group from port to port - every day is a new adventure! An incentive cruise program offers a diverse array of activities in far-flung destinations as well as close-to-home ports, and is one of the most powerful ways to motivate your company’s top sales performers.

Let’s say you you want to plan an incentive travel program in St. Barts for your group of 500. There’s only one problem: finding a premium hotel and convenient air service to accommodate everyone. Why not book a cruise ship that sails from San Juan that will transport them to St. Barts, as well as other enticing Caribbean islands?

Do you want your group to experience the awe-inspiring glaciers and magnificent beauty of Alaska? A cruise is the way to go. Another destination on everyone’s bucket list these days? The enchanted islands of Galapagos - again, only accessible by ship.

There are countless destinations to consider, and each possesses a unique blend of activities, cultures, scenery and climate. From the South Seas to the Caribbean, the waterways of Europe to the Greek isles, exotic ports in Asia to pristine wilderness of Alaska and and beyond, the choices for your cruise events are almost limitless!