What happens when a cruise is announced as next year’s destination? Two words: Standing Ovation! The “big reveal” of a future cruise event never fails to elicit a response that is overwhelmingly positive.

Here are just a few reasons why:

  • Since only 24% of the US population has cruised, it’s a unique and motivating destination.
  • A cruise gives meeting attendees or incentive qualifiers the opportunity to travel to several coveted destinations, with the convenience of only having to pack/unpack once.
  • With gourmet meals and spectacular entertainment included, there are less out-of-pocket expenses for participants.
  • Cruise ships offer multi-generational appeal - with so many dining, entertainment, onboard activities and shore excursion choices, everyone can be excited about a cruise program.
  • The self-contained environment of a cruise ship means more opportunity for networking and relationship-building.