When you need additional housing in a port city and there simply isn’t any other way to provide it, using cruise ships as “floating hotels” is a creative solution. While you might think this is an expensive proposition, a dockside ship charter is invaluable when there are insufficient hotel rooms to support an important event.

Ship charter for Super Bowl in JacksonvillePeople are excited to stay on a cruise ship and take advantage of all the exciting amenities; however, a different set of logistics need to be taken into account when planning a dockside charter – one that requires a special level of expertise.

Dockside Charter Experience

At Landry & Kling, we’ve chartered cruise ships and yachts of every size throughout the world for city-wide conventions, international conferences, global sporting events – even disaster relief efforts. Our 30 years of  experience planning and operating full-ship charters works to your advantage!

Converting a cruise ship into a dockside “floating hotel” is our specialty. When you need to find supplemental housing for your next big port city event, tap into Landry & Kling’s ship sourcing expertise, contract negotiating skills, and ship operations know-how for a successful dockside charter.