Only 6 weeks prior to their cruise departure, our client expressed concern about political instability in the region. Would they have to cancel their sales incentive trip, losing their investment and disappointing participants? 

Program Background

An insurance company wanted to offer their top-tier sales executives a deluxe cruise in the Greek Isles. Security and exclusivity was a must, so we had to find a upmarket ship in the region to charter. Since there weren’t any ships that would accommodate the group of 700 for their preferred number of nights, Landry & Kling and our client designed 2 customized back-to-back charter itineraries on a smaller ship sailing between Rome and Istanbul.

The Challenge

When political unrest erupted in another Eastern European country, our client was concerned about traveling anywhere near the region. He feared they would have to cancel the sales incentive trip, which would result in a financial loss and big disappointment for the 700 sales incentive qualifiers & guests.

Landry & Kling’s Elegant Solution

The Landry & Kling team jumped into action, working with our client and the cruise line to create 2 totally new custom itineraries in the Western Mediterranean. Their 2 back-to-back charters would sail between Rome and Barcelona and call at alternative ports we knew would be unique and appealing to the sales incentive trip participants. We contacted ground operators, created new custom shore excursions in each port, and re-booked the excursion choices for all passengers in advance of departure.


In spite of the last-minute itinerary changes, the sales incentive trip was successful and went off without a hitch. They client didn’t have to move the venue; their “floating hotel” moved to a new destination! The high-level sales executives appreciated the new ports and custom shore events, and our client was relieved and looked like a hero!