Strategic incentive program for an electronics retailer’s joint program with a computer manufacturer. (250 people)

This was a short cruise with lots of sizzle and 3 BMW’s as give-aways in a progressive elimination drawing that was to start onboard and culminate after debarkation in the port of Miami on the last day of the cruise. Lots to arrange in short order, with new requirements at the 11th hour when our resources were limited.

Elimination Drawing for 3 BMW’s at Port of Miami

Our client wanted to do something special and unexpected.

The Special: First we planned a fun-filled three night cruise for their group onboard the Sovereign of the Seas. Then we orchestrated the preliminary rounds of the elimination drawing for 3 BMW automobiles onboard. The final drawing was to be held at a vacant terminal at the Port of Miami.

The Unexpected: With only 72 hours lead time – over the weekend – Landry & Kling sourced the hard-to-find cars for the drawing (with extra keys.) In addition, we staged the event with seating, a red carpet, a DJ with a mega-sound system; created a “winning” playlist, had champagne, balloon bouquets and confetti-guns; plus arranged and managed the transportation between terminals to the event location prior to the group’s departure for the airport on Monday!