by Joyce Landry, CEO of Landry & Kling Inc.

Many people have asked me over the years if I am good at packing for travel.  They know how much mileage I log every year and how long I’ve been doing it. I always answer with a resounding yes!  Having made a number of critical errors over the years, i.e. exploding toiletries, poorly designed luggage, impossibly wrinkled clothes – I have come up with my own formulas for packing success.  And, I’m sharing them with you!  Here is the first of 4 segments on Packing Tips & Tricks.


Tips & Tricks Highlights:

1) Invest in good equipment

2) NEVER fold a piece of clothing on top of itself.

3) Use wire hangers instead of plastic to take up less space.

4) Utilize ALL of the small spaces inside of your bag.

5) Rolling clothing reduces wrinkles.

6) Put Heavy clothing on bottom. This protects other items in bag and is less likely to wrinkle.

7) Do NOT pack heavy sneakers.