by Jo Kling

I’ve got a secret:  I’m not a great sailor. I never used to share this fact with clients, thinking it wouldn’t be good for business; however, the fact that this has been my profession for so long proves it’s rarely a problem! Most people who sail on today’s large, modern cruise ships never feel the symptoms of motion sickness, thanks to stabilizers that provide the smoothest voyage possible. But on rare occasions when the seas are rolling, I’ve found a solution I’m eager to share.

I never sail without my ReliefBand Voyager. This drug-free, FDA-approved remedy works like a charm!  Just strap on the watch-like device worn to the underside side of your wrist. When activated, it emits gentle electrical signals to stimulate the median nerve to relieve nausea and dizziness. You can use the ReliefBand any time, even after symptoms begin, and you’ll actually feel it controlling your motion sickness – within minutes!.

There are no side effects, and unlike medicines or simple pressure bands, you control the level and duration of relief. There are five levels of stimulation; simply adjust the dial to the highest level that feels comfortable. The disposable ReliefBand Voyager will operate for approximately 150 hours at power level 3. You can buy one here: ReliefBand Voyager Motion Sickness Band

Smooth Sailing: Priceless!