Looking for a quick incentive getaway to rejuvenate your participants? Take a break from the oridinary! Lindblad Expeditions and exhale have teamed up to create 3 or 4-day Wildness + Wellness Adventures aboard National Geographic Sea Bird in Mexico’s shimmering Sea of Cortez. 

Lindblad Baja Wellness Adventure- KayaksThese adventure-packed voyages in Baja California & the Sea of Cortez are offered in January 2018 –  just the thing for your busy attendees who crave a post-holiday health break.

And with only 31 staterooms, National Geographic Sea Bird is ideal for a private ship charter, ensuring complete security.

Board your floating base camp in Cabo, then head to the pristine islands of Espiritu Santo and Isla Partida, where your group can actively explore the stunning landscape, and experience exhale’s award-winning wellbeing programs. 

Revitalizing Opportunities Include:

  • Exult in the pristine beauty of the Sea of Cortez—azure water, bays, beaches, unique flora and fauna— and roam free in wide-open spaces
  • Snorkel among playful sea lions and schools of colorful reef fish
  • Lindblad-exhale Baja Wellness AdventureKayak along beautifully carved coastlines
  • Challenge body and mind with exhale fitness classes including Core Fusion Bootcamp, restorative Chill Yoga, and more
  • Take in panoramic views or landscapes of black lava and pink volcanic ash on exhale mindfulness hikes + post-hike assisted stretching sessions
  • Find balance on the water with exhale paddleboard yoga classes
  • Restore with pre-cocktail hour neck and shoulder massages on deck
  • Enjoy a sunset beach BBQ, bonfire, and end your day with stargazing
  • Stay mindful with daily guided exhale meditation sessions

Ready to experience Wellness + Adventure for yourself? Check out Lindblad Expeditions’ 90 second video: Base Camp Baja / Lindblad Expeditions + Exhale