Looking for a shorter Galapagos Expedition without sacrificing any amazing destination experiences? Pack a ton of adventure into one action-filled week aboard the 48-guest National Geographic Islander. You’ll be assured of the full Lindblad-National Geographic Galápagos experience, but in less time.

This small vessel is designed to bring you in to intimate, up-close contact with the islands and the wildlife. And…it’s perfectly sized for ship charter, assuring you complete privacy, security, and customization opportunities!

Galapagos Expedition 6 nights with Lindblad National Geographic

Each Galapagos Expedition is crafted to offer you a diverse experience of the archipelago, with multiple adventures each day on land and undersea. Every day is active and engaging. 

Here’s what you and your group can expect:

Galapagos Expedition National Geographic Islander

  • Experience all Galápagos offers in just one week, with departures on Saturday and Thursday.
  • Add a two-night post-expedition extension in Quito, Ecuador.
  • Snorkel and kayak in rich waters among shimmering fish, sea turtles, penguins, and playful sea lions.
  • Walk among colonies of wildlife and seabirds unfazed by your presence.
  • Maximize your time in the islands with options every day.

More Details

These special voyages are being offered in April, May, August, September and October 2019. All -inclusive rates include meals, accommodations, all shore excursions, services of Lindlbad-National Geographic’s expert team, alcoholic beverages and some complimentary internet time.

Don’t miss out on this rare opportunity! Please give us a call at 305-661-1880, send an email to inquiry@landrykling.com, or request a group or charter quote.