Film & TV Production Ships provide a COVID-free bubble and are now available around the world to support all types of entertainment projects. Privately chartered “floating hotels” provide the safest and most secure set locations and accommodations to keep your talent and production crew healthy and happy during filming.

Ships for Film, TV Production

Ships, floatels & barges can be immediately deployed for:

  • Major Motion Pictures
  • Documentaries
  • Television Series & Reality Shows
  • Commercials and Video Production

Full-Service Housing for Film & TV Production

Cruise ships, floatels, and barges offer full-service floating accommodations and onboard operations that can be customized to your needs. Your talent and crew will enjoy secure, comfortable living spaces with multiple layers of health measures already in place. Along with dining venues, onsite amenities include sports facilities, bars & lounges, laundry, and housekeeping services. All are conveniently located under one roof, and all are exclusively yours during the charter period. 

All types of vessels can provide:

  • Safe, Comfortable Housing for Talent & Production Crew
  • Complete Catering/Craft Services
  • Equipment Storage Space
  • Production Offices & Conference Rooms

Ship charter advantages for film & TV production include:

  • Complete Privacy & Security in a Healthy, Controlled Environment
  • Cost-Effective Solution & Better Budget Control
  • Customized Services, Including Food & Amenities

Landry & Kling Global Cruise Services & Solutions

Landry & Kling Global Cruise Services has immediate access to passenger ships and all types of vessels around the world. Our specialized ship charter services for temporary housing and TV/Film production projects include:

  • Quick RFI/RFP Turn-Around that is Responsive & Confidential
  • Global Ship Sourcing & Rapid Mobilization
  • Expert Contract Negotiations – Capability with multiple currencies through global banking relationships
  • Port Logistics and Port Agency Services
  • On-Site Support Staff for Port and Ship Operations