Seatrade Cruise Virtual

Don’t miss this Panel Discussion featuring Joyce Landry, CEO Landry & Kling Global Cruise Services, Founder of during Seatrade Cruise Virtual.

As 2020 dawned there was one pursuit on the top of everyone’s mind: sustainability. Now, as the world begins to wake up, that trend hasn’t gone anywhere. Dining options must now meet not only various dietary requirements but also sustainability expectations. Topics to be discussed:

– There may be an increase in individually packaged items to prevent touch contamination, how will this extra waste be tackled?

– How can food waste itself be limited, and what will be done with that waste?

– Using local suppliers not only benefits those populations and gives guests an authentic experience, but how can it impact sustainability? 

A series of panel discussions focussing on health and safety, the guest experience, and new technology and innovations will be hosted by Seatrade Cruise from April 12-14, 2021 as part of its virtual event series.

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