During the COVID-19 pandemic, Landry & Kling Global Cruise Events joins forces with cruise line partners to deliver ships as floating medical centers to increase hospital bed capacity.

Miami FL, March 23, 2020

During the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, there is growing concern about the projected lack of hospital beds in hard-hit areas. Cruise ships can serve as temporary health care facilities or “floating hospitals” to treat non-COVID-19 patients dockside. This will increase bed capacities in land-based hospitals to accommodate the influx of new patients who require critical care.

Landry & Kling is currently working with nations outside the U.S that are at capacity with their hospital beds and seeking this type of solution.

The ships will be thoroughly disinfected, reconfigured as needed, and fully stocked with food, medical equipment and hospital supplies before they reenter service. The ships can also provide housing for doctors, nurses and other health care professionals. These workers would be accommodated in different decks from patients, with separate air ventilation systems monitored on each deck to ensure safety. Security is already in place, to assure that only authorized personnel board the vessel.

There are many cruise lines with ships docked across the globe that are currently idle and anxious to provide relief services during the COVID-19 pandemic. Landy & Kling Global Cruise Events has done the research. They know where the ships are; which are available, and what lines are able and willing to offer their ships for this purpose. This allows the company to quickly access vessels, at cost, on behalf of governments, federal agencies, heath organizations, and private enterprises. Landry & Kling is waiving their customary service charges for logistics and consultation during this unprecedented time for entities with serious intent.

 “Our team is perfectly suited to respond in disasters – they are committed and passionate about helping others,and will work tirelessly to find ship-based solutions for those in need,” said Joyce Landry, CEO of Landry & Kling.

Disaster Relief Ship Charter Services

 Rapid response time is critical when working with federal and local relief agencies. Landry & Kling has facilitated ship charters for urgent relief situations including evacuation, emergency services, restoration and rebuilding. The company’s specialized dockside charter services include:

RFI/RFP Submission

Responses, strategy, proposals and costs for vessels are formulated quickly and efficiently.

Contract Negotiation

Landry & Kling has knowledge and experience with multiple charter contracts and capability with multiple currencies through global banking relationships.

On Site Support

Staff and resources are available to support the project on site including liaising with local port and other officials once the ship is delivered.

Tax + Government / Local Fee Analysis

Landry & Kling can identify potential additional costs related to government, state and/or local taxation and fees (i.e., duties and VAT), and work with these entities to manage (and given the circumstances, waive) these costs on behalf of the charterer.

About Landry & Kling

Since 1982, Miami-based Landry & Kling Global Cruise Events has provided cruise ship solutions and custom cruise planning for ship buy-outs, incentive cruises, cruise meetings, theme cruises and dockside ship charters for global events. The company’s most significant FEMA government contracts involved securing a cruise ship charter for a six-month Hurricane Katrina relief mission in the Gulf of Mexico in 2005, and Haiti’s devastating earthquake in 2010.

For more information, visit landrykling.com or call +1 786 594 0732.

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