How do you cut a ship in two? According to Landry & Kling CEO Joyce Landry, very, very carefully!  Joyce flew to Palermo, Sicily last week to join members of the international media and representatives of Silversea and the Fincatieri Shipyard to witness the grand spectacle of Silver Spirit’s “stretching” transformation.

Day 1: After a welcome from Palermo Mayor Leoluca Orlando, the VIP guests watched in amazement as workers made the last cut on the ship. Below are a few of Joyce’s photos  and comments from the event, as well as an impressive time-lapse video.

Silver Spirit cut in two

The deed is done! Silver Spirit is now in two pieces.

Silver Spirit Stretch - Joyce Landry with ship ca;ptain

Joyce with the Captain of Silver Spirit, who called the stretch “aesthetic surgery”.

Day 2The front of the ship slowly rolled forward on an elaborate series of sleds and blocks. Workers used a series of hydraulic lifts to insert the new 49-foot ship section into place with military precision. It will take more than 500 workers, approximately 846 tons of steel, 360,892 feet of cabling, and 26,247 feet of piping to reconnect the ship and complete the ambitious project by May 6, 2018.

Silver Spirit stretching at shiipyard

Silver Spirit stretch - new section is rolled in

Silver Spirit’s lengthening and refurbishment will replicate the modern elegance of Silversea’s newest vessel, Silver Muse.The addition of new suites will increase Silver Spirit’s passenger capacity from 540 to 608, and the stretch will create more space in public areas, including the pool deck. Four new restaurants  with varying dining concepts will be added to the existing venues, and two new lounges will be introduced. 

Silver Spirit midsection inserted

“The operation was successful!”

Silver Spirit stretch complete

“Silver Spirit now has a new heart!”

Want to see the amazing transformation for yourself? Watch Silversea’s time-lapse video of the Silver Spirit stretch.