Corporate meetings at sea

One of the reasons why corporate retreats are essential is because they inspire, motivate and reward employees.  If you are planning a corporate retreat you will need to introduce new team building activities that are productive, memorable and above all exciting.  To accomplish this, plan your corporate retreat beyond the ballroom of a hotel – take it out to sea aboard a ship!

Planning a successful corporate retreat at sea requires thorough planning at each stage of the process.  We are the “go to” industry source on incentive cruises & meetings at sea, ship charters, and group cruise events.  Here’s how we can help you plan a corporate retreat aboard a floating paradise:

Choosing the right ship is key

Cruise ships offer a vast, self-contained environment with unique meeting spaces that stimulate creative ideas and foster camaraderie. Selecting the right ship where you’ll be hosting your corporate retreat will not only boost attendance, but it will afford an unforgettable experience.

Making it Special

There is nothing more rewarding than being part of an elite group on a ship that’s been customized just for your employees.  Therefore, a corporate retreat aboard a ship is a unique experience and the ultimate reward for stellar performance, one that will continue to motivate long after the cruise ends.

Team engagement & activities

For a retreat to be successful, it’s very important to have the right mix of business meetings, fun activities and free time!  All of this can be accomplished aboard a vessel.  When your business sessions or seminars have ended, attendees will discover a myriad of dining, recreational and entertainment options on board a ship – often don’t have any additional cost!

No matter what your group size is, our experienced team can help you find the right ship and button up all the details to help you create a flawless corporate retreat at sea.  For more than three decades, we have sourced ships and operated cruise ship charters for groups of all sizes, all around the world. Our charter services range from ship sourcing and contract negotiation to custom itinerary planning all the way through to on-site program delivery.  The excitement and motivation a corporate retreat cruise event generates is priceless!