Landry & Kling and the Native American Heritage Association announce Rock Legends Cruise V, the fifth “Rock Festival Cruise for a Cause” sailing from Ft. Lauderdale January 19 – 23, 2017.

Rock Legends Cruise V

MIAMI, Oct. 8, 2015 /PRNewswire/ —┬áThe Native American Heritage Association (NAHA) is pleased to announce they are once again teaming up with cruise event specialist Landry & Kling to offer Rock Legends Cruise V in 2017, the fifth Rock Legends Cruise to benefit Native Americans in need living on South Dakota Reservations.

On the heels of the sell-out 2016 Rock Legends Cruise IV, over 4,000 ardent rock fans are expected to be on board Rock Legends Cruise V. The world’s largest – and only – charity-based rock cruise has created a loyal fan base over the last four years. NAHAPresident Pam Myers promises that Rock Legends Cruise V will continue the tradition of bringing like-minded people together for an all-star lineup of legendary rock bands who meet & mingle with fans and perform around-the-clock.

Pam Myers commented:

We’ve sold out again, almost five months prior to our 2016 sailing! We’re thrilled by the continued enthusiasm of our passengers — two-thirds of whom are repeaters. More important, while fans are rocking out they’re also supporting NAHA’s mission to serve Native American families in need.

South Dakota Native Americans – Our Forgotten Poor

South Dakota is home to our country’s poorest Indian reservations. Here are the startling statistics: Life expectancy is 58, the lowest in the USA. The infant mortality rate is 10 times the national average. With unemployment over 80%, the per capita income is$4,500. Many families live without electricity or indoor plumbing. The teen suicide rate is four times the national rate.

The Work of NAHA

NAHA, the non-profit 501(c)(3) foundation, was established by Pam’s late father, David Myers, after a visit to South Dakota Reservations in 1993. Moved by their desperate plight, he made it his mission to provide basic life necessities and assistance to those in need.

Today, NAHA continues to offer hope and dignity to deserving Native Americans, providing food, clothing, school supplies, heating assistance and self-help programs to families struggling to make ends meet. Last year, NAHA’s three tractor trailers delivered 3,405,600 pounds of food and 181,936 pounds of clothing to the reservations, as documented in their official video.

Charity Navigator has given NAHA a 4-star rating (highest level) for 11 years based on sound fiscal management, accountability, and transparency; with 95% of the organization’s budget going towards program services. or make a donation:

In addition to raising awareness of the plight of South Dakota’s Native Americans, the Rock Legends Cruise also raises money through the $250 tax-deductible donation included in each cruise fare, artist memorabilia auctions, and additional onboard donations.

Rock Legends Cruise V Early Booking Incentive & Guarantee

Rock Legends Cruise V sails from Ft. Lauderdale to Cozumel January 19-23, 2017. Registration is available online, with special incentives for booking and paying in full by October 30, 2015.

For those hesitant about booking before bands are announced, NAHA offers a Money Back Guarantee. Anyone dissatisfied with the lineup by March 4, 2016 can cancel and receive a full refund, minus $50 processing fee. See artist lineups from prior cruises. Book here:


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