MIAMI, FL  (Jan. 19, 2010) – In an effort to help those in need after Haiti’s devastating earthquake, ship charter specialists Landry & Kling are mobilizing laid-up or out-of-service vessels and barges to be available for humanitarian aid to the island.  The vessels could be used to provide emergency housing for rescue workers or to carry disaster relief teams, medical teams and supplies to Haiti.  Landry and Kling also announced that the company will waive their management fee to help defray the cost of chartering.

“We are prepared to assist in any way possible, whether it’s identifying and facilitating the use of ships for transport of supplies and temporary housing, or coordinating those efforts in Haiti,” states Joyce Landry, CEO of Landry & Kling.

In addition to working with traditional ship lines, Landry & Kling are using their contacts and data banks to find empty vessels that can be deployed immediately to facilitate national organizations that might need the means to get their supplies, medical teams and/or aid workers to Haiti, as well as for housing purposes.  Anyone who has access to available vessels and would like Landry & Kling to help facilitate its use for aid to Haiti should contact Landry & Kling.

Landry & Kling was quick to provide sea-going assistance when they worked with FEMA after Hurricane Katrina struck in 2005.  “We acted quickly to provide sea-going assistance and managed to find a vessel that was deployed immediately and provided temporary housing, supplies and meals for both aid workers and evacuees in the hard-hit coastal areas for a total of four months,” says Landry.  We’re ready to produce the same results and to do our part in helping the Haitian people during this catastrophe.”

For more information, contact Debi Madansky at Landry & Kling, (305) 661-1880, ext. 117, or e-mail  Details can also be found at