There’s some serious business being conducted at sea! 

More meeting and event planning pros are choosing cruise ships for corporate meetings, incentive travel programs, and group events of all types and sizes. They know that the cost savings of a cruise vs. land-based program; the self-contained, secure environment of a ship; and memorable experiences both onboard and ashore all add up to phenomenal success.

The cruise specialists at Landry & Kling have been helping organizations plan successful cruise programs for over 30 years, and they’ve put together a list of the most popular types of events at sea.

1. Incentive / Employee Recognition Cruises

Only 24% of the U.S. population has been on a cruise, and the all-inclusive nature of a ship makes a cruise incentive especially appealing! Read a few incentive cruise success stories.

2. Customer Appreciation Cruise

A ship’s self-contained environment makes cruising ideal for relationship-building; and with a variety of  on board dining venues, bars, lounges and theaters, you’ll have plenty of opportunities for entertaining your customers.

3. Business Meetings

Today’s cruise ships offer meeting planners complimentary use of dedicated conference centers, flexible meeting space and built-in A/V. Unique spaces and new destinations also lead to creative thinking and increased camaraderie. Read a few meeting at sea success stories.

4. Conferences, Conventions and Trade Shows

With capacity for up to 5,000 people, a ship is a convenient, self-contained venue that can add pizzazz to increase attendance and control cost.

5. Continuing Education at Sea

Planners of medical, legal and other professional continuing education programs are using cruise ships to increase attendance and boost satisfaction ratings.  Here are two continuing education at sea success stories.

6. Executive Retreats

For the ultimate in security and privacy, consider a small ship or yacht charter. If a full-ship charter isn’t feasible, take a look at the “ship within a ship” private cruise ship enclaves.

7. Theme or Special Interest Cruises

An affinity, themed or special interest cruise is the best way to bring like-minded people together to share and celebrate their common interest. Ships provide a budget-friendly alternative to land-based venues. Read about a few successful theme cruises.

8. Fund Raisers at Sea

Universities, hospitals and other organizations motivate donations through travel programs that earmark a portion of the cruise price for a worthy cause. Native America Heritage Association (NAHA)-sponsored Rock Legends Cruise is a great example.

9. Cruise Ship Charters

For the ultimate security and prestige, charter a vessel for your organization’s exclusive use. The opportunities for customization are limitless. Read a few full-ship charter success stories.

10. Dockside Charters or “Floating Hotels”

If there’s a shortage of hotel space for a city-wide convention, sporting event or global gathering in a port city, consider a dockside charter to accommodate the overflow. Read about successful Dockside Charter programs.