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For groups of all sizes, a full cruise ship charter provides the ultimate in privacy, exclusivity, and customization opportunities. A few of the most frequently asked questions about ship charters include:

What types of events are appropriate for a cruise ship charter? Can I charter a cruise ship for our meeting? What is a dockside charter? What are the benefits of a cruise ship charter?

You’ll find answers and links to our Case Studies below. For a complete list of Ship Charter Frequently Asked Questions, please click on the link to Landry & Kling’s shipcharters.com FAQ page.

Types of Ship Charter Events

Whether you need 25 staterooms for an executive retreat, 500 staterooms for a sales recognition program, or 2,500 rooms for a global convention, an event on a privately chartered vessel is a unique and memorable experience your attendees cannot duplicate on their own. And since you have exclusive use of the ship during your charter, you have the freedom to customize the entire cruise experience, while total privacy and security are assured.

Here are the most popular types of ship charter events:

Meetings, Conferences or Conventions

A chartered ship is a perfect venue for corporate or global meetings that require exclusive use of all onboard conference/meeting space. Examples include a private yacht charter for an executive committee retreat, a dealer-franchise convention on a resort-style cruise ship or a government meeting in a destination that needs supplemental sleeping rooms and general function space. (Example: Fifth Summit of the Americas used “floating hotels” dockside in Trinidad.)

Incentive Travel Programs

There is nothing in the world that compares to being part of an elite group on a ship that’s been customized just for you! This unique experience is the ultimate reward for stellar performance, one that will continue to motivate long after the cruise ends. (Example: Many insurance and high-tech companies have hosted their top producing sales winners aboard private ship charters.)

Dockside Ship Charters

When you need additional housing in a port city and there simply isn’t any other way to provide it, using cruise ships as “floating hotels” is a creative solution. At Landry & Kling, converting a cruise ship into a dockside “floating hotel” is our specialty. We’ve chartered cruise ships and yachts of every size throughout the world for city-wide conventions, international conferences, global sporting events – even disaster relief efforts. Learn more about dockside charters.

Affinity or Theme Cruises

A privately chartered ship is the best way to bring like-minded people together for a special interest event, fundraiser or affinity cruise. Whether it’s a cruise for music fans, food and wine aficionados or craft lovers, a ship gives everyone the unique chance to mingle with their favorite performers or meet others who share a common interest. (Examples: Music themes of all kinds, lifestyle cruises, religious cruises)

Product Launches

Nothing is more exciting than launching a new product at sea – and when you charter the ship, you can use all the public space to make it a unique showcase for your product.(Example: A luxury auto maker introduced a new model aboard a ship charter, moving the vessel from one port city to another in the Mediterranean.)

Consumer Promotions

A self-contained cruise ship is a great venue to meet your loyal customers and showcase your products. With just your group onboard, the entire experience can be customized to promote your brand, tying in with in-store promotions or sweepstakes, while targeting your customers’ interests. (Example: A major beer brand has chartered ships for annual music-themed cruises.)

Corporate Anniversaries

A corporate anniversary is an important occasion, and a significant way to celebrate milestones of any kind and say “thank you” to those who contributed to your success, is by booking a “ship of your own”. (Examples: Toy companies, modeling agencies, technology companies)

Landry & Kling – Your Ship Charter Experts

Over the last 30 years, Landry & King has sourced ships and operated cruise ship charters for groups of all sizes, all around the world, and we’re ready to put our specialized knowledge and buying power to work for you. Our charter services range from ship sourcing and contract negotiation to custom itinerary planning all the way through to on-site program delivery.

To see a complete list of all the ships we’ve chartered, cruise lines we’ve worked with, plus destinations and dockside charter events we’ve managed, please check out shipcharters.com.

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