An incentive cruise program will motivate your employees and reward their star performance unlike any other travel experience. In the United States, only about 24% of adults have ever been on a cruise. In fact, according to a recent Google Consumer Survey (initiated by Landry & Kling), respondents overwhelmingly chose a Caribbean cruise as a top reward for reaching a challenging work goal.

When it comes to delivering a unique travel experience with a strong value proposition, nothing comes close to an incentive cruise program. Whether your organization’s reward is a Caribbean getaway on a spectacular resort-style ship, an Alaskan adventure on a mid-sized vessel or Mediterranean voyage on a privately chartered mega-yacht, an incentive at sea is the ultimate “thank you” for a job well done.

I have conducted three cruises through Landry & Kling covering six countries. My teams have loved the incentive trips – and working with the staff at L&K has been great. – Tripp Amos, AFLAC

Your top achievers will race to meet their goals to qualify for a group incentive cruise, and return to work recharged and ready to tackle new projects with renewed enthusiasm. A few key benefits of a group cruise incentive program include:

  • Ease of planning, better budget control: meals, entertainment, activities and sports facilities are included
  • A cruise is highly promotable with huge, multi-generational appeal
  • Self-contained environment and new experiences lead to increased camaraderie, more networking opportunities
  • Travel to several enticing destinations with the convenience of unpacking/packing once

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