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  • More bang for your buck: Theaters and lounges feature state-of-the-art sound, light and projection systems and built-in d├ęcor, saving you considerable time and money.
  • A ship is a self-contained environment, fostering relationship-building and encouraging greater meeting attendance and participation.
  • Cruises offer multi-generational appeal. Your cruise program will motivate everyone, and simplify your planning for family programs.
  • Superior Service. Ship staff-to-guest ratio is generally three times that of most resorts, so everyone in your group will receive attentive and personalized service.
  • Included activities and entertainment give your group a variety of options for when they are not in meetings.
  • An abundance of dining options and ever-changing menus make meals memorable.
  • International cruise programs purchased in U.S. dollars - no worry about currency fluctuations.
  • Adventure and convenience: Your group can visit multiple destinations with no extra packing and unpacking.
  • A unique experience on a ship builds company/brand identity loyalty and lasting relationships to deliver a solid return on investment.
  • A secure ship environment, particularly on a full-ship charter, protects company privacy and reduces risk.